E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Monday retrospective (health, cooking, night watch)

I used the NYTimes recipe for Green Okonomiyaki to inform my cooking for lunch. I used the lingering mustard greens and pea shoots from the bottom of the fridge. It was interesting, although without the zucchini i am sure it was nothing like the recipe. I hadn't paid enough attention to see how long it took to cook and ended up with basically a green mush fro lunch. Today i will use a much bigger pan and not do the "inch thick" layer.

First tick of the season yesterday (Monday). I'd wondered when i'd see one. When i mowed yesterday i did not do the pants in socks thing.

I mowed the moss and went with the lawn mower. I did scrape moss off a few places, but capturing all the cuttings and getting leaf litter off the moss is worth it. Anything on the moss keeps it from growing.

Last night's moonlight was delicious. Carrie and i stood in the shadows, listening to the woods. I am sure deer were walking around: distinct sounds of steps and the occasional twig breaking. Some moonlit night i want to use the drone and get above the pines to see the wider landscape. The sound of the drone though, oy, it will break the quiet.

(I forgot to post)

Tags: cooking, health, night watch

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