E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I spent six hours yesterday trying to sort out how to share management of Zoom meetings without paying $190 a month. It was hard because the user interface shows the controls for the business style set-up even while they are not functional. And the error messages and direction are just fuzzy enough that the difference of control based on license is not clear.

Oh, and Zoom is making security changes today so who knows how that will play out.

Anyhow, that was exhausting, and some part of my mind was all, "when is the meeeee time?" When The Secret Chapter came free for me to read midday, i snapped it up and plopped myself down, and read the whole thing. I spent a little time in the yard -- finally planting the magnolia and a mystery tree that have been in pots for a year. I should have planted them in the fall. The mystery tree is NOT a persimmon. That's what i was told when i bought it as a bare root in the 2018-19 winter Mellow Marsh farm sale at Country Farm and Home. I think, also, the arrow wood i bought was mislabeled. It's leaves this spring look more like the witch hazel from this year's order. Fortunately the arrow wood i bought from another source is doing well (i'd given up on it last fall).

I'm not sure what to do today with not-Meeting time. So much backlog of so many sorts. We're looking at ten days of no rain, so making a soaker hose comes to mind.

Meanwhile we are having network issues again. ... Ah, reboot resolves.

Work has been intense, parents are coping, sister and her family seem to be doing fine.

Tags: covid-19, garden, reading notes

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