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HVAC: fixed -- there's a condensation drainage pipe with some sort of trap that was clogged up (not our maintenance fail) and once cleared, all was well. I know a few reassuring details such as yes, the external sensor should have two wires for one thermostat.

Mom pitched another fit about me coming over and, since there was HVAC anxiety, i stayed home and video chatted some with Mom. Now in a fit of calling my dad every thirty minutes to get him to follow up on his worries about mom - either calling her primary care provider or doing the home UTI test. Ideally both.

Last night fireflies flit in the tops of the pines while the waxing crescent moon cast my shadow on the drive. Today is overcast: we are promised rain soon. Afterwards i hope the air will no longer be green with pine pollen. I also expect a good rainstorm will determine the fitness of the Carolina wrens' latest construction before there are wren eggs to drown in the rain gutter.

One of my tiny pawpaw trees has a pawpaw flower bud! A lupine has sprouted near by: i wonder if it is a seed that lingered after last years seeding or a plant that survived last year's weed pressure. I spend the lunch hour walking around the yard with my hoe, chopping off the flower stalks and the rosettes of Oriental False Hawksbeard -- except for one day last week when there was an odd screaming sound and i was able to rescue the juvenile rabbit from Marlowe and Carrie.

The first three questions on the county news paper's FAQ about the county stay at home order: "Why", "How long", and, number three, "What gives the governor the authority to do this?" I can just hear, "He ain't the boss of me."

Tags: cats, critter watch, dawg, garden, household, mom and caa

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