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Things weighing heavily on me (mom and caa, covid-19, bread notes, 354, f&f)

Things weighing heavily on me are:

* i reached out to an older Quaker friend on the west coast, checking in on her health, to find that she has fallen out of relationship with her Meeting. She is spiritually isolated over an event that also leaves her bereft of a lover. She's angry and in pain and seemingly oblivious to the pandemic.

* our HVAC is dead and probably died sometime Friday or earlier. The house has retained cool-enough qualities into second day of this absurd heat wave, especially with the dehumidifier running. (I didn't think anything was wrong because the temperatures haven't reached the point where cooling would begin: it's just warm compared to the house's temperature just a few days ago.

* I've troubleshot the thermostat and found batteries (huh, didn't know they were there) had corroded on the inside. It's possible all that is wrong is the thermostat is busted by the corrosion. I tried cleaning off the terminals and adding new batteries; i've also checked the breaker.

* Christine is off to Lowes to check for supplies and pick up the new thermostat. She'll then make a return to Best Buy. She's a little anxious about the exposures, but i think she also has a bit more of a need than i ever do to get out of the house. The car will have air conditioning which she will find soothing. Still, she doesn't need more anxiety.

 I'm rising bread on the deck. I guess i should have refrigerated before the rise per random internet advice for yeasted wheat bread. It should be "done" "rising" in another hour (my rye starter doesn't seem to have that much strength when mixed with all the seeds and the packet of "cheating" yeast i'm using expired in 2015). I can't decide about turning on the oven until it starts cooling off, and should the dough go in the fridge then or can it just sit inside? Choosing to make all rye bread without a raft of Nordic contacts for advice has been ... well, so very much like what i do.

I think i'll call Mom and Dad now....

--== ∞ ==--

Monday morning

The 2 hrs plus rise in a WARM place seemed to actually go well: it was 90°F in the shade yesterday. I guess i will try to create warm spaces next winter. Baked at 360°F for 2 hours and let cool in the pan (as the instructions say). Next time i will let it cool in the air: the loaves were damp when i took them out of the pan, so i let them dry out overnight. The Pullman pan loaf (without the cover on) looks wonderful. I may buy another of those pans. It occurs to me another writer described leaving the loaves covered to bake: i'll do that next time. Getting there.

Dad is set up for Zoom but desperately needed someone to talk to so just he and i chatted.

Christine's home safely. There are crazy people out there: open carry folks at Best Buy, more Confederate flags and Trump (??) flags.

HVAC guy called at 7:30 am, trying to do triage on his 11 calls. He doesn't really want to come in the house. We don't blame him. And don't really want him to come in. Maybe i'll volunteer to do the work if he'll talk me through things.

Daily "stand up" messages between my sister and i, mine first:

Good morning! Trying for a normal. To do: set up a family zoom at 5 pm. Suggest to Dad he can get toilet parts from the toilets upstairs. Nail down a day to go over to M&D’s. Personal to dos: attend to meeting business, plant seedlings. Blockers: overwhelm and the desire to loose myself in a book forever
My notes originally considered [Brother in law]’s last day at the office on the Saturday 14th as a last exposure. (Given three days life time on surfaces in the office and assuming someone with the virus was in the office during that week.) Is that your calculus? (On the other hand, the latest is that there’s a 5 day period between exposure and symptoms.
(This is all so hard.)

She replied
I don’t know what to say as “last day of exposure”... most all people quit coming to the office weeks ago. But [infected person] did come in two (?) Mondays ago. [Brother in law] has had to periodically go in to check the mail in order to process payments/checks.
I think it would be okay for me to soon walk with mom outside on the patio as long as I have a mask and gloves on.

We discussed the odds mom has a UTI and strategies, whether Dad should order parts on Amazon (cognitive load, too much, i think), and i'm going over Tues & Thurs.

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