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Day of REST (household, covid-19, health, weather)

I offer up Christine's second chapter of [syndicated profile] soundtrackofnow_feed. The ten minute composition is available on Soundcloud as well. I am so glad she's put aside the efforts she thought she should be making (building websites for others who do not appreciate her work but would be satisfied with WIX and kin) and is putting her work for her out there.

Both Christine and i have been wingeing off and on about not feeling well for months: i maintain well before community spread was occurring in North Carolina. (I distinctly remember yet another wave of the feverish malaise on the way home the day i canceled my travel to Ohio in February.) Thus, Christine's long lingering cough and the slight fever i was running yesterday afternoon are filed under That Winter Malaise And Then The Ridiculously Early Pollen Season. I am not delighted to have been measurably feverish, but happy to have a thermometer that seems reasonably consistent.

I have been pondering where i picked up who is so and so when they are at home? and assume it's too much Midsomer Murder.

It's crazy warm outside and the daffodils will likely all melt. I went out and picked a nice bouquet. It's warming up inside, too,(our summer temps are ten Farenheit degrees higher than the winter temps) yet also still a high relative humidity: i am glad to have the humidity readings and the dehumidifier to assist in dealing with this time before the air conditioner is needed.

It took Christine a little time (and reading an article in the Washington Post) but we are now in agreement about not having our cleaner visit. We're paying her, because we can. I hope her other clients are, but i suspect they may not. On the other hand, she's more like an aide to some elderly and so her assistance may be needed to cope.

Just ordered toilet paper via Amazon, with the suspicion it may be only a slight step up from the one-ply "state park" toilet paper we have had as an emergency fall back in a high shelf of a cabinet. After buying it a year or so ago, it was unpleasant enough we promptly replaced it. I felt it wasn't too silly to keep it: i am glad i have. However, the absence on market shelves is causing a little anxiety for Christine so i placed this order. It's a two giant roll pack for a seemingly ridiculous price. I assume they are the rolls used in gas stations or fast food restaurants. You can also buy toilet paper with the poo emoji wishing you a happy birthday for a variety of decades and with pictures of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. The absence of Trump and McConnell options is not surprising.

Also in absence on shelves, what has happened to cardboard boxes filled with automatic dishwasher powder. What's with the stupid pods in plastic tubs. REALLY WORLD? So a large box of Cascade apparently for restaurants is also ordered. I think the co-op has powdered dish detergent by bulk: when this order runs out i'll see how that's handled.

Tags: covid-19, health, household, weather

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