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(354, mom and caa)

To a colleague who also takes care of a mother who has had a stroke, last night:

[Yesterday 5:23 PM]
Well, i was able to give Dad a break. Mom didn't let me help her to the toilet (hopefully she just didn't need to go or to be changed). She didn't let me do a shower or exercise. But i made a lunch that delighted her -- she's bored with Dad's cooking i think. So i guess those are small wins.

To the folks who make our router:

Subject: Unterminated 100' ethernet causing WAN DHCP issue

Recently we got a 100' ethernet CAT6 cable to use for my work laptop as the wifi signal to the room wasn't optimal. This works great, until i unplug my laptop and leave the line unterminated. Immediately, the DHCP setting for the WAN disappears and nothing can connect to the internet through the router.

Type: dhcp
Mac-Address: B0:BE:76:43:DB:68

We have demonstrated all is well when the line is terminated by a laptop or when the line is removed. Does this behavior make sense?

Tags: 354, mom and caa

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