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Edward got out of the fence Wednesday late afternoon. Attracted to the fence by Christine and i sitting in the mossy glade (i was trying to just breathe and release the overwhelm), he found a hole and slipped through and then -- you know, it didn't look like we were going anywhare, maybe check out the bird feeder?

I spent time weaving wire and repairing the hole, but i didn't have heavy gauge wire like the fence.

Yesterday at lunch he disappeared, we stalked around, called, rang, then posted to NextDoor, texted my sister (just for solidarity). He came back around 1:30 -- a two hour outing. All the cats had to spend the rest of the day inside after that.

This morning i needed to let them out, particularly for fear of some inappropriate relief. We had bought a glowing pink collar for Marlowe, so i found the excess clear plastic and cut an Edward appropriate length. Out he went with the glowing tell-tale. I bustled about some things checking on him every few minutes, but he just seemed to do the usual patrol. I was back in the bedroom and could see him sitting on the steps.... and then he went back down to the stretch of the repaired fence. I think he just shoved his head under and slipped out that way. The glowing pink light was easy to follow and eventually recapture.

So, there's that.

--== ∞ ==--

Looks like we got a little rain last night. I really ought to get lettuce seedlings out in the garden because only the very dear hydroponic bib lettuce was available in the store. I'll eat violet leaves, thank you. (But Christine will have the bib.) I look at the national weather and see snow is called for some of y'all and ... we have 80°F high today.

--== ∞ ==--

Meeting is going to use Zoom for the duration, so i get to be Zoom coach.

I am tired. I wonder if it's right to go see Mom & Dad.

I don't know how anyone has time to look at free content. I was days behind in just finding my email and last night realized i had messages from days ago i hadn't seen. Not sure how that came about.

--== ∞ ==--

In good news, my caps key SEEMS TO BE WORKING! Huzzah, one thing i don't need to sort.

I can't figure out why my nice conferencing video camera won't connect to my personal laptop, so there's that.

And i can't figure out why so many people seem to have so much more time. No commute, Christine says.

The grocery trip last night was impressive -- no paper products at all, wow.

Tags: 354, cats, covid-19, meeting notes

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