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Carrie Dog would like everyone to know there, right there, there there are, right there, let me get closer, there! After the first 12 hours of this novel behavior, i saw a little hole in the pinestraw at the base of the large pine. Snake? I booted up with my higher topped boots that came in the mail, heavy gloves, the hoe, and went to take a look.

The hole appears to be lined with rabbit fur: i think it's a bunny nest.

Why, oh why, mamma rabbit, did you put your babies just outside a pen of predators?

My guess is that she can tell the predators don't get out and perhaps the fox and omnivores don't come that close to the fence? And maybe if she's only coming and going when the pets are inside?

But what is Carrie feeling? I swear she exhausted herself standing guard over the spot yesterday. I wonder if she'll feel maternal for the kits by the time she actually sees them?

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My! The red-bellied woodpecker is looking bright and shiny! I have the wiki documentation page open for Terrifying Project. [Wednesday] 08:33

Greens in today's [Wednesday's] lunch come from the following plant families:

* Brassicaceae - misc broccoli, turnip, Cabbage
* Chenopodiaceae - swiss chard, spinach
* Fabaceae - pea shoots
* Liliaceae - onion
* Polygonaceae - sorrel
* Violaceae - violet

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[Thursday] i am working at M&D's in the afternoon so Dad can run to the military base in Fayetteville for [Thursday] and a replacement iPad (no sales tax). As for several weeks, i am feeling unwellish. Maybe a little feverish. Friday afternoon and Saturday i also felt under the weather. Sunday i felt great! Work got my attention through yesterday, and then i started wondering if i was flushed or ...

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I went. Mom needed help but kept telling me she was OK, so i was messaging my sister who was home with her feverish daughter. L--- came over and barged in on Mom. Mom kept calling out "I'm OK" and i pretty much figured she was trying to change her "lady pants" (incontinence briefs) herself. I didn't hear anything that had me worried about her immediate safety, but hoped my sister would talk me through-- but when she offered to come over i said, "please." L-- knows how mom is used to be assisted and did so, following up with giving mom her shower. I now know a bit more about how to help her, and i am infinitely thankful that my sister is taking the time to give Mom baths and walk with her.

L--'s daughter has Flu B and i wonder if Christine and i are battling it, fortified with partial immunity and shots. I dunno: stupid malaise in the time of COVID-19.

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