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It all goes by too fast (mom and caa, observe, garden, work, drone, 354, seesters)

I didn't keep up with records this past three day weekend, so here's a stab.

Friday i found i had NOT placed a potato order.

Saturday morning Christine and i went to the farm store where i bought what potatoes were available from my list (no russets) and then splurge-bought a bundle of Georgia sweet onion plants. I really ought to give most root veg a pass until i have loam. On the other hand, deer don't eat onions and so i can expect some to survive the squirrels and rabbits in the unfenced herb garden.

We then went to the Phoenix bakery and got breakfast (egg sandwich with grilled beer bread, spicy pimento cheese, and guac), a treat (one of their tiny 'doughnuts' filled with ... i can't remember ... topped with caramel and pecans), and a cake for Monday (dark chocolate decadence).

I think there was a load of blankets washed in here as there has been no feline accident for a week and everything needed freshening. A load of dedicates with the throw blankets, i think.

Then home, where after eating i worked in the garden for a while, mainly sorting out where i could plant things and i started digging a trench for potatoes. I also consolidated some plants. I'm rather pleased by the trench composting. i'd not charged the lawn mower so i think i got a loop around the orchard cut. And i weed whacked along the house and the brick walk.

I picked greens for lunch and lunched, and then Christine and i went a-pruning. She did most of the ladder work (a financial risk management decision) and cut the top off one of the cherry trees with a trunk of about two or three inches in diameter at about 6 or 7 feet from the ground. It should sprout new branches like the one i pollarded last year and in three years we might have black cherries where i could pick then and soak them in alcohol to extract their rich flavor. We proceeded to cut a way high branch out of an elm on the drive island that over shadowed a dogwood copse. Then we cleaned out some dead wood from a cherry on the other side of the drive: i think the branches had been broken the first year we lived here when a pine came crashing down from the woods. I will be so happy not to have my eye caught by the broken limbs as i walk to the mailbox. We finally made an effort heavily pruning the apple that remains from the previous owners. i really don't know what i am doing with the poor tree. it did have some flowers last year, so maybe when the orchard trees are big enough, the old apple might bear.

A long shower. We had a lovely night out for dinner at a seafood restaurant with [personal profile] annie_r. The couscous salad i had was light on the couscous but pleasant, if not memorable. The fish and scallop kebab was decadent with the rich mashed potatoes. The area we were in was a bit loud with some parties. I would love a sound canceling curtain that would allow a table to dine with less hubbub.

Sunday morning i prepped to lead worship -- mainly wrestling with ebook software to have a story to read if there were small people. I read from The Dance Between Hope & Fear and, the main thing was trying to sort out what i had forgotten about worship plans from last month's meeting for business during announcements. There were a number of folks who were grieving (i hadn't known) so i think the reading and open worship (waiting worship elsewhere in Friends jargon) were what hearts wanted.

Home where i thinned out a handful of lettuce seedlings to top my lunch sandwich and then i prepped my old phone to manage the Alexa Dot we bought my Dad for his birthday. My niece made a wonderful carrot cake All By Herself (apparently a little disappointment for my sister who wanted to engage). We got the Dot set up so my mother could call my dad and a handful of other numbers plugged in.

And this week has blurred by ... Monday off gardening, news that just continues to make me ... push the reality away from my heart and try to focus on what i can do. work is demanding, with the welcome news that there is knowledge that i am "over-provisioned" which apparently is jargon du jour or at least du manager for the fact that i am now carrying critical knowledge for two high profile projects. Christine got me a drone for my birthday; i got it stuck in a tree within twenty minutes. she cut down the tree and rescued it, but now that tree trunk is snarled with others in the multi-trunked gigantic crepe myrtle.

The shift key on my personal laptop is behaving erratically. (although it worked for the open-parenthesis and the previous T - again1 - not the a or the exclamation mark0

mom has a uti; my work last week to research the best bidet for her will be used by my sister today to help my dad order one.

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