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Miasma continues (cooking, cats, mom and caa, health)

Excellent thing: i made an onion mushroom quiche last night, letting the onions slowly cook in my big cast iron deep sided pan for almost all the time the crust pre-cooked. THey weren't fully caramelized but they were nicely transformed.

We now know it is Marlowe who is responsible for the puddles on the bed. Last night, as we went to bed late and my knee was making it hard to settle, i was able to observe some feline dynamics and the result. Edward was in his usual corner at the foot position. Marlowe got on the bed via the center of the foot. Edward was sniffing her butt. A moment later, Marlowe (unobserved) pees in the middle of the bed and then (observed) makes to "cover." I assume it was some stress reaction to Edward and the contested territory of people and the bed at night.

Tuesday night we picked up a prepared "family-style" meal at a local restaurant and took it to my parents for a visit. It was good to see them, athough Mom is still rattled from the traffic in Florida from their Yuletide and first of February (birthday) trips. Too little stimulation day to day, i assume, leads to the traffic seeming overwhelming. I'll juon my sister and her kids there tonight for a Valentine's visit.

I may have over done it on Wednesday, walking Carrie and then walking through the grocery store. Seems like that should have been fine. But my knee was inflamed yesterday evening. Fie. I'm not yet regular with my exercises (which aren't specifically for the knee), but i'm not giving up.

I think the news of US politics and the coronavirus have become a monotonous relentlessness, that has deadened my curiosity. Christine and I had some discussions of how to determine the slope of persecution of the Other. While the immigrant and refugee situation is abhorrent, the travel bans just noxious, it is literally as well as figuratively at the border of "normal" government behavior. Abstractly, border enforcement is "normal" and the putative targets are "normal." It's definitely pushing the line, as are the various reproductive health regulations. The potential for horrors is clear; i don't think we are at a point where i need to fear. But that's all distressing to think about. And the energy to fight....

The political question of the moment seems to be whether Atty General Barr's protests about presidential interference are an authentic reaction or political theater to cover the interference. I perceive theater and am tired.

I have been intensely engaged at work, a sort of pleasure, in learning new data analysis skills. A colleague kindly wrote a bit of code for me to use an API, getting me over a barrier that would have been a time sink. The project that was daunting me all last year has been approved for the next step, and i am terrified.

Christine is continuing to work on her first audio-essay, recording and editing. Her standards are high, with the expectation of production values equal to This American Life. Which she will no doubt achieve. She had a mild panic when the Alexa skill for the serial audio essays (not a podcast!) seemed to imply that there was something rated "R" about the content: i talked her down to recognizing it was more a disavowal, an indication that Amazon was not certifying that there would be nothing offensive of problematic, not that there was an expectation. In fact, there may be audio ads, so that much of the advisory is correct.

Anyhow, i have postponed my day, tired from the late night, and must get on to work. Never seems like enough energy and time.

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