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News: i bailed on the preserved egg. Will try again sometime.

I'm not feeling great, a miasma that is emotional, physical, and cognitive. I will try and write about good things.

Marlowe is adorable: kitten paws under the bathroom door delight me. I let her romp in her glowing pink collar under the full moon last night. I watched the collar dash and hunt. She throws herself down on the floor, stretches and rolls over on her back, offering her tum for a belly rub. She's a morsel, a puddin', a munchkin, and trouble with a capital T.

I finally picked up shoes from the repair shop. These sandals had a strap almost chewed through by Carrie in her puppy phase, towards the end. Other than that damage, though, the rather expensive shoes i picked up in California in spring of 2018 were in good shape. I don't know that i'd worn them more than a few months. I also returned the thunderbolt cables. I think, together, that pair of errands recovered the value of a couple hundred dollars (the shoes plus the return). I also laughed and laughed at "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:" so good to laugh.

I'm trying to decide if i should go back this spring for the identity conference. The negatives are travel and that much of the conference is about blockchain and self-sovereign identity: not directly relevant. I'd get to see California friends, though. But travel. It just makes the miasma feel heavier.

I did use Jupyter notebooks -- a nifty way to use python programming to do data analysis without getting mired down in scripting overhead -- to make some maps of where people in Meeting live. I knew we were scattered, but it was useful to see. I also drafted an agenda for meeting for business for next week. There's some dysfunction with buildings and grounds i am inheriting. Since the old clerk was wife of the treasurer, sister in law to the nominal head of buildings and grounds, and daughter in law to the Very Senior Friend who was all in the middle of talking to contractors ... well, that put her in an awkward place i am not in.

And at work yesterday i also made progress with Jupyter notebooks, merging monthly summary files. Overnight, the big monthly analysis files ran.

Tags: cats, data mining experiment, dawg, depression, work

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