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I'm out of sorts.

Another front is passing through with strong winds. I hear power surges hit a number of (appropriate) devices: i really don't want another power outage.

Both my parents' house and ours lost power when the first front came through (around 2 pm) - ours returned at 21:07. (My folks' house was scheduled to be back at 22:00 but they've gone off to a hotel.) By that point i was exhausted: by my father's anxiety, my mother's querulousness, how both were exacerbated by loosing power and sorting through decisions. By the time i got home with food, the battery backup for our internet was out. I'd forgotten to tell Christine to shut down something of mine on another backup. And i think she watched TV with the media center backup instead of saving power.

I dunno, we are both drained. And we have another incident of cat piss in the bed: this time i am 80% sure it's Edward. He sleeps near my feet and the incident is very close. I can't imagine the kitten getting to that spot without me knowing, but Edward getting up and maybe not able to control his bladder? So, with Luigi scheduled for a potentially very expensive vet visit for teeth cleaning and some other teeth issues at the end of the month: now there's Edward to get to the vet.

Hours later....

Just signed up for a personal account at Equifax to temporarily unfreeze my credit report. The email i received says, "Welcome to myEquifax?" with the question mark. Well, if you're uncertain i'm welcome....

Carrie is adorable as she applies her limpid, deep brown eyes to communicating that she would appreciate the crust of the cold pizza i am eating. Please? Marlowe dragged the empty plastic wrapper of the pack of toilet paper out from under the door (where i had put it in reach of her questing toes) and proceeded to kill it. She is now dashing around like a mad thing, crashing to the top of the cat tree and threatening to ambush me. I've tea made and took the last of the pizza and some bean dip out from the fridge if the power goes again. The rain tank is full. We are safe and dry.

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