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Really, Chatham County? Really?

I am sad that the #3 "Frequently asked question" about voting in Chatham county is "I suspect that somone [sic] registered to vote does not qualify. Where do I verify this? " It;s only much further down that i found out about how my mother can vote.

And yesterday's county mailing list calls on the county to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. The poster emails from "noway2 dot thruhere dot net" The domain without a host part resolves to https://dyn.com/remote-access/ -- which is an intriguing service offered by Oracle. It's good for some product that needs to change its hosting location in a hurry. Accessing the host part + domain via http redirects www dot carolina r3mn4nt dot com (spaces and numbers introduced to reduce search engine discovery). That appears to be where the reactionary county bulletin board has gone off to. The host of the county mailing list (a for-profit ad-supported endeavour) also hosted a bulletin board that was populated by fairly reactionary types. I had wondered if during the confederate statue crisis, the host felt he couldn't publicly host the reactionaries any more and shut down the BBS. Now that i see there is a replacement, i suspect he just moved the BBS for the trusted reactionaries and random folks like myself were not notified.

The domain registrar is
Registrar: New Frontier, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 1040

However from https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml

1040 Name106, Inc. Accredited https://namerdap.systems/

None of those sites is particularly forthcoming. It's a rabbit hole of curiosity, and i'll stop now.

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