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Silver lining to the lack of snow clouds (weather)


An explanation of this incredibly mild past January also notes that the north pole has been frigid and
One bright spot in the relentless far-north chill: it’s given sea ice a chance to make at least a minor recovery, although the long-term outlook for Arctic sea ice in a warming world remains grim. The Arctic’s sea ice extent as of Sunday was well above the average for the date in the 2010s, but well below the average from the 2000s and prior decades.

and they quote this tweet:
Bering Sea #seaice extent from @NSIDC is slowly increasing, but remains below the long term average & last year. But extent isn't everything. Sustained cold weather near the Alaska coast since mid-Dec helping to thicken and stabilize nearshore ice. #akwx #Arctic @Climatologist49 pic.twitter.com/3rt7CPX38Z
— Rick Thoman (@AlaskaWx) January 26, 2020

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