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Nephew work day was sweet and very productive. Christine was in good spirits so she lopped down some massive autumn olive and we chipped enough to mulch the north fence line of the orchard. W and i planted three trees, including the linden for my Swedish garden. When we went back to R--'s Rock (found by my Dad and brother before i'd even been to the property) to plant the linden, we saw a beech to the NE of the rock. I am delighted that there is one natively in the woods. Not surprised, exactly, but wondering where the mature beech tree is or was. This one ... i don't know how old it is but it's a good bit further along than the yearling tree i planted this year or the one planted last year.

Bad me did not call Grandmámá. Still on to do list.

Sunday C brought me breakfast in bed. Meeting went well. Achy all day. Christine's sister wants to watch all Oscar nominees so she and C watched Joker (which C thinks is brilliant and i don't think i will watch). D was blown away by it. The day was sparkling, and i tried sitting in the porch, but the breeze was a bit much.

Yesterday woke to cat piss on bed. Both C and i tired, exhausted, no spoons, moody.

We're watching the Nova planets episodes from season 36 in reverse order and watched Mars last night. Beautiful presentation, enthusiastic and diverse scientists, but much personification of everything. The language to describe how Mars' oceans evaporated - "stripped away" being the least loaded phrasing - surely it engages nonscientific viewers by creating emotional drama, but it irks me that the drama is told as if Mars was some poor victim (and Earth held up as the fortunate one). One CAN come up with emotional stories told from a satisfied Mars point of view.

It may be harder to emotionally see Different as something Satisfying for the party that is different -- but let's practice that for crying out loud.

I am thinking about data analysis using the nifty Jupyter Notebooks. Have done a tutorial and tiny work experiment. Tempted to do sentiment analysis on the corporate president's monthly emails. Thinking about data practices for my day to day life that would lead to interesting analysis. Have fired up IFTTT and Airtable to gather some digital footprint records. I imagine parsing exported journal entries and some of my health records, my rain measurements and temperature gauges. Smart power meter -- which surely saw some leap in use Thursday and yesterday as we washed and dried so much bedding.

Crazy warm weather has me frustrated i am behind in yard work and seed prep. Please let there be a little winter this month.

Tags: cats, data mining experiment, elephant, garden, morning writing, perpetual calendar, watching notes

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