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Okey doke. The image of my daily computer is booted up from a USB drive where i can use it. Just in time for me to realize why i have been failing to get to the administrative account at my mail server: because i am using Authy as a second factor and not a text message. Unfortunately the UI prompts all imply an SMS message, so i was very worried about getting access to the admin account so i could get access to one of my two mailboxes .... and it's all well now.

I read quite a bit the past 48 hours: Friday afternoon i had a headache and just escaped into CJ Cherryh's Foriegner, inspired by a post of [personal profile] twistedchick. That devoured, i got the latest Liaden novel and read that. I also picked up a collection of Liaden short stories. I assume that's where the morning went today.

On a scale of ankle sprains that resulted in instructions to stay off my feet for weeks and ankle sprains i've managed myself, this is nothing like the horrible sprains. It's enough to coddle, but with the coddling it hasn't particularly swollen up and the discomfort was staying at bay until i might have stretched and exercised it a bit more than i was ready for.

Bruises are fascinating color combinations.

I am thrashing about a bit pondering self help with stretches and exercise. I have an app that sort of helps one have a custom yoga practice, but it's not quite ... i dunno.
Maybe i will go to the local yoga studio. There's a restorative yoga instructor: maybe she'd be willing to help a no-yoga-for-decades person with a routine for knee recovery.

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