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I so want to have a pity party for myself. I'll just say: lousy sleep, elephants, Mom & Dad.


* I'm now clerk of meeting. I met with C-- P-- on Thursday to talk about it. I was somewhat shocked at how quickly they turned the role over to me. My inner Quaker Process Maven says, "That's the last time they'll make a decision of THAT magnitude without holding it over." In much more formal process meetings, most decisions are held over a month so that everyone can mull it over and any reservations (particularly about someone serving on a committee or as clerk) can be addressed without putting people in very awkward situations (eg: do we really want to have person X as treasurer? They are in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding which is not common knowledge.). However, the trust that is present at my current meeting is a treasure. I think they CAN make this decision so quickly: process isn't an idol, although some Quakers treat it that way.

* I said yes because over December, when i did not go to Meeting, i was thinking about how i should/needed/ought/wanted to be more involved. It's hard to get the right verb there. It was much more of an observation of a potential. Clerking meeting was not what i .... Well, i was about to be clerk of Palo Alto Friends when i left. I accept this is my next role in my Quaker journey.

* I'm also very tender, thinking of how this meeting has gone through some very distressing times before i joined. I realize there's been a grief energy (or anti-energy) that has been in the meeting. But i think the meeting has had a stirring of new energy. I hope i am able to listen to the Light and be a good steward of this energy.

* Friday night chat with my sister about working together on some sort of environmental/plant gig went well, building enthusiasm. I was right in my perception that she was not finding time or energy to think about the future but was focused on the many projects at hand. Which is good! The right place for focus! But without looking at a map once in a while, you might not get where you want to go.

* I've a new gardening basket (i just need to find a ring knife to replace the one i think i threw out with the previous basket when Marlowe ... contaminated it).

* I might have a better bread recipe, and Hans the rye sourdough starter may be in good condition.

* I made dumplings/gnocchi/knoephla with left over sour dough starter (and eggs and flour), and they are comforting. My dried mustard greens are doing well in soups. And while it sounds odd, they mix well with the dried tomato.

Tags: bread notes, f&f, mom and caa, quaker notes, the solution

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