E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

MONDAY, mid morning:

Far too distracted by Oikos Tree Crops' selections. I went to verify something about sunchokes and then found their nuts and plums and strawberry selections far more extensive than when i last checked. Stop stop stop.

Christine is at the vet with the boyos, and Carrie wanted out (in the rain). Kitten Marlowe, too. I decided to just go ahead and fix the fence. It was a quick job of weaving wire in the gap (which i had probably caused with the powerful string trimmer. While i was out, i noticed the 500 gallon barrel is full. So, i went and run a hose down the hill past the garden and have opened the port. Meanwhile, Marlowe has had plenty of time to explore the yard and now sit at the double gate gazing at the meadow. I am on the back porch and keep hopping up to check on her. She's just sitting there. Given how promptly she passed through the gap the last two times we were monitoring her, i feel comfortable to assume it's secure now.

It finally rained hard enough for Marlow to want to go in. The input to the tank started exceeding the output.


Turned out there was a kink in the hose and the tank wasn't draining at all. I let the tank drain in the afternoon (maybe 100 gallons) and it was spilling over this morning. I'm not sure how quickly it drains so i didn't want to drain it overnight. I'll watch as i drain it today. It may have also stopped raining for a few hours.

Yesterday, during my last work meeting, i had myself convinced it was Friday afternoon. That was odd.

Procrastination self-destruction at work with a bit of difficulty with Christine's elephants. My own overwhelm makes the second-hand overwhelm that comes from managing elephants harder.

I've often joked about having to work and never being able to retire. I wonder though. Assuming a gift that will come close to paying off this property, i hope that i could manage to retire and -- could this place be a showcase of skill? Could my photography, plant propagation, and botanical skills be solid enough that i could hang out a shingle? Advise you on the qualities of your "weeds" and how to (re) deploy them in your landscape. Propagate sedges and woodland plants for sale. Keep on top of excellent sources for plants. "Weeds to wonders landscaping." I think my sister is interested in doing something similar. I've proposed we talk about it.

Meanwhile, Luigi needs $1k of dental work.

Also, i seem to have encountered some poison ivy. That, or Marlowe grabbed my arm with her claws and somehow injected me with something i am reacting to. Initially i thought it was Marlowe, but i'm gonna go with poison ivy.

Tags: cats, procrastination, retirement plans

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