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Thursday's presentation went well enough (goal achieved). Friday i worked from M&D's. I didn't feel well focused, and i left with the intention of finishing the workday at home, while Christine went to her brother in law's birthday party. Christine had been distressed over a variety of points around the party for over a week. I ended up not working but binged on the TV procedural, Bones.

Saturday i planted some winter-start seeds: poppies, beets, spinach, turnips, and onions. I put a row cover over the bed. The crazy warmth of this weekend might help germination along. I am always surprised how long it takes to plant seeds. We went out with friends in the evening, an early dinner and then Rise of Skywalker.

I attended Meeting today and then we took the Yule tree down. I promptly started cutting it up and ran it through the chipper, and then i started in on other wood sitting around. So much was in a very decayed state and didn't seem worth chipping. The logs that were significant (over six inches in diameter) i ended up making into a zig zag fence. They were pretty rotten, too, and much lighter then when we struggled to move them around after they were cut. The smaller logs I ended up laying out as a pile along the contour of the land under the black walnut. It should slow run off and someday be rich soil. I've scattered Austrian winter peas in the hope that they can get established enough befre the deer notice them. The soil under the pile of wood seemed fairly rich: i seeded with dried seed heads from flowers and grasses in the meadow and winter rye.

Marlowe has figured her way out of the orchard, which is going to be stressful on us -- this past week or so of letting her out has eased much stress.

Overwhelm seems to be contagious in the household: i hope we find ease tomorrow.

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