E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Witchy brew

I really don't want to come down with whatever crud Christine has, significantly because i am not allowed to take NSAIDs until next Wednesday's colonoscopy. We have grapefruit in the house, and i'm drinking a tisane of grapefruit, turmeric, cayenne, and ginger. Hey, if it's bitter and hot enough, it's got to cure the common cold, right?

The meeting i anticipated today was canceled. The flaky dude who stood me up when i was at the conference, also screwed up communication with me. Herein is the transcript:

[12/16/19 9:54 AM] Dude: The Dec 19 meeting has been cancelled. Sorry, I missed this. I will add a place holder with you presentation for Jan 2. I am hoping we can get a quorum for that date.
[12/16/19 9:55 AM] Me: Oh! That would be delightful!
​[12/16/19 9:57 AM] Dude: I added a page for Jan 02. Can you add a link to your presentation and make sure I titled it correctly? https://confluence.[WORK].org/display/EAO/ARB+2019-01-02
​[12/16/19 9:58 AM] Dude: Cahnged the name: https://confluence.[WORK].org/display/EAO/ARB+2020-01-02
​[12/16/19 9:58 AM] Me: good call!
​[8:11 AM] Me: Looks like both G--- and L--- are out today. Maybe ARB is canceled?
​[9:29 AM] Dude: I assume it is cancelled. I’m out too. I thought we added this for the 9th?
​[9:29 AM] Me: I'll change the wiki if i can. Have a good time out!

This will be the day after the procedure. Deee-lightful.

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