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The trip to see Christine's sibs went as well as possible, given that her eldest sister is a bit manic about holiday decorations and her brother's wife is shunning us.

It turns out Christine was familiar with whatever was going on with the truck and it had something to do with parking on a slope and she was able to get it moved. YAY. I still think it needs to be taken to a mechanic and then likely we will surrender an arm, a leg, or both.

Also in news that things aren't so bad, the trailcam took reasonable photos Saturday to Sunday night: one deer, one possum. (Plus lots of us.)

Sunday morning I went out at 9 am to do garden work, rain forecast for noon. I noticed that where I had done one of the burns there was a gnawed upon potato. I started digging and have pulled up many pounds of Red Pontiac and Russet Norkotah. I do not do so well at digging up potatoes, as I stab and slice them. There's some worm damage too but not significantly more than earlier this year. I am roasting two pounds of them right now, and they're not bad. I also replanted three sprouting parts because they just looked so ambitious. I am sure I left plenty of potatoes to sprout next year, unintentionally

Since I was mucky and had to wash potatoes I dug some sunchokes. My, they do run away from where they are planted, don't they? I'm guessing I've dug a pound. I've 4 ounces cooking with the potatoes, slowly roasting on the premise that will address some of the inulin. The limited quantity is to test how they affect my digestive system. This I find is not successful. Reportedly pickling also mitigates some of the inulin effects: I need to get my hands on a large mouth quart jar and I will be able to use my new fermentation tools.

While digging potatoes I abducted some worms for the worm bin. Enough buying expensive bait worms. While I am essentially vermi-posting by burying compostables in a trench in the garden (worms will eat this up before I turn the bed again) there are plenty of weeds to fill the worm bins. The worms were pretty slow last winter; piles of weeds in the bins seems less noxious than coffee grounds and apple cores.

In feline news, we are surrendering to Marlowe's lack of consistency with the litter box and letting her in the yard more frequently and unsupervised. She's definitely interested in outside the orchard.

I'm working today and taking Doans because lots hurts.

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