E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Day 6 and part of Saturday

I finally got the chipper blades sharpened. Everything went smoothly. After a dropping parts into the chipper last time and the challenge this time (the repair shop attaching too tightly the part that needs to be removed to get at the blades) I had appropriate technique and tools to make it go smoothly. Well, the Dremel sharpening guide didn't really work: it might need a larger diameter sharpening bit.

I also sharpened the shovel and attempted sharpening the hoe. The hoe was quite blunt and came that way (probably why I haven't really used it successfully). I made some progress. I think a proper file is called for if I want a sharp hoe.

With the little bit of daylight left I transplanted a clump of blue eyed grass from the garden plot to along the orchard fence. I am so delighted with how well this native does once the deer pressure is removed. The clumps that were in the orchard last spring became huge and created a waterfall of the starry blossoms. The plant is dense enough to block weeds - perfect for the fence line.

I also got the camera and tripod all rigged up. I don't know how soon I can get back into photography but having the rig all set up wit the portable lights a good step. I think I documented the settings I had on the camera before it shorted out the card: I need to get those set up so the camera works as I expect it.

Today I am disappointed to find the trail cam filled up the card with one hundred plus images of nothing but a branch. I don't know if wind blew the branch or what. I've moved the camera to another location where I know I can easily trigger it as part of testing.

And then there's the truck. I was going to run to the post office while Christine was doing her last Saturday show and -- something is wrong. It's like one set of wheels is locked. I'm not looking forward to telling Christine just before our fraught visit with her siblings. Didn't need another challenge for the day.

Speaking of which, I burst into tears during her last song, Supertramp's Goodbye Stranger. I know how disappointed she was by the station. She didn't go in with high hopes, but the failure to follow through on posting her web development company as a sponsor after nine months all the while demanding that the show hosts do more to bring in more sponsors pushed her over the edge. I hope she can find listeners with podcasting. She won't get to create her clever playlists for the Saturday morning show podcasting as the licensing to play isn't in reach, but she will look for open music.

Anyhow, I got my one condition of enoughness done as far as I could today (the truck failure kept me from completion).

Tomorrow I think I should ensure my sister's family's gifts are wrapped and put up the wrapping paper. It would be lovely to write some thank yous and greetings.

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