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Day 3 & 4 (Merry Christmas)

Yesterday was most of the family festivity. The morning included a little bustling about and some time raking pine straw in the yard. I've much of the walking areas in the garden mulched with the needles (which take a good long time to break down. Next is to try and smother the nonnative Indian (subcontinent) strawberry with crepe myrtle leaves (also from the subcontinent).

We took Marlowe over to Mom and Dad's. There aren't many cats i would imagine taking on a visit, but Marlowe's boldness and attachment to us makes it easy. She's a cat who comes when called! And M&D's cash gift has covered a significant fraction of the significant vet bills. It was lovely to see Marlowe delighting them. I wish for so much ease for my parents. I gave mom two lap blankes, prints from Spoonflower printed on fleece and "Minky" (a fuzzy but very soft fabric). I'd bound the edges with a row of crochet, which mom noticed.

After a visit with M&D we came home, Christine made party mix, and then we jaunted to Christine's sister's. Dinner and gifts there, then back home here. Where Marlowe was caught in the act of using one of the planters as a litter box. Argh.

Today is very low key. I made canned crescent rolls filled with cheese left overs from dinner last night. Cider is mulling. Christine is making chili for dinner. We had some time with all of us in the orchard: Carrie racing around with her Christmas bone, Marlowe leaping up to climb a maple, Edward and Luigi luxuriating in catnip.

Christine bought an extension for my tripod -- and i'll need to wait for an adapter to arrive. Manfrotto's Easy Link isn't.

I'm not sure if i am coming down with something but a very easy day has been welcome.
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