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Travel Notes

Southwest Entertainment: For those who haven't had the pleasure, Southwest boards without assigned seats. Since i recalled the need to check in in the last hour available, my boarding position was B60. A1-60 loads before B 1-60. So A loads, B lines up, and the call goes out for any other As? No? B begins to board. I wander over to B60 and my glance passed over that of chatting teens. A. "Are you in A?" l ask. Yes, they are waiting. They laugh at their parents who are trying to figure out the boarding state. Parents see them and explode in indignation. kids are nonplussed. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" rants the mother.

I figure I would have been grounded which ever choice, so i am totally in sympathy with the eyerolling teens.

And, as an adult, despite my crankiness at loading last - would the teens have been able to hold seats for the parents? Or would the parents have been in middle seats either way? And it's just a two hour flight.... I was quite lucky to find a middle seat near the front with plenty of luggage room and petite folks in both the isle and window seats.

I've set my calendar alarm for the return because i have a layover in Baltimore: it's going to be a long trip.


Getting ready for this trip seemed a trial. Wardrobe that was professional and flexible enough for sun, rain, highs in 70s and in 50s. will the hotel be heated hot? Or icy cold?

I did cook most of the remaining tomatoes yesterday, a mix of green to red. Sauteed in olive oil they melted down and then i added a Quarter of preserved lemon and a dash of the brine. It was fabulous! the preserved lemon added just the right umami.

My brother is in town so I saw him with my parents and sister's family last night, then he stopped by this morning.


I was surprised by the palm trees used in landscaping at the airport. Less by the bald cypress turning russet by the highway. Eventually the evergreen live oaks and magnolias made an appearance. I noticed a plane tree (probably American not London) wit leaves changing and a maple still green. A pine was that was unfamiliar: long needled like a loblolly, but far shorter and there was something different about the crown.

Despite my fear of humidity, it very pleasant at landing. Blue sky with ... the sun setting in the wrong direction? It took me a little bit to realize why the very flat land with no hills in the distance was so disturbing: with all the industry by the highway it seemed like i was on the Bay area's highway 101. But there should have been hills. Could i be aware of Lake Pontchartrain -- similar in scale to the South Bay -- without seeing it?

Entering the city and seeing the superdome and elevated highways brought forward the memories of the people stranded on the highways by Katrina. My eyes hungrily took in the details of urban life, and i realize how small my built environment is.

Walking around in the evening was pleasant. The grocery store, Rooses, was delightful. So many spices in the spice section! Blackend tuna and lovely French from the deli section, Parish pilsner from Broussard, and Creole cream cheese. The cream cheese wasn't what i was expecting: more runny and sour than Greek yogurt. I even drain my Greek yogurt to make it thicker. Ah well, i did my part to help protect a threatened foodway (although it's a food way that will go extinct in my diet).

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