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Highlights of the week

Monday through Wednesday: finished three presentations and got them to session organizers in a timely manner. Will present next Monday and Tuesday on the working group effort and participate on Tuesday on a panel. Deer in headlights. Butterflies. It will be fine. But.

Thursday had many meetings and still was able to post presentation to corporate enterprise architecture review board to My Contact. Unfortunately My Contact is out of the office this week. I'm out next week but found a half hour i could arrange to meet.

The President Of The Whale (named so when the previous small "boutique" organization i worked for merged with the global behemoth) reviewed responses to a quick survey in which he asked what we liked about his leadership style and what he should change. I... "Look, honey, you don't ask "what should i change" and then say you got stupid and wrong answers, even if you are trying to be authentically flip. Bless your heart."

Much energy spent explaining to a product manager basic principles of privacy. Also, conflating a data element that changes how your results are displayed with the equivalent of "liking" a page on Facebook is silly. It's not both a social signal AND a configuration to improve my results: it's one or the other. (And since the data element is highly correlated with where one resides, it's not a element that all people will want public.)

Bless his heart.

Christine is getting a Patreon site together as she leaves the (dysfunctional) radio station to do a podcast. I will be delighted that y'all will be able to listen without the constraints of timing with streaming radio. On the other hand, her music selection skills -- pulling together themes in songs, creating contrasts in soundscapes by juxtaposing different compositions -- won't be as rich as the licensed radio station (paying ASCAP etc) allowed.

I am feeling very tired, perhaps because of wee-hours interruptions of sleep, but i may also be coming down with something. I was at Mom and Dad's today, away from my SAD lamp. I probably should have tried the portable blue LED SAD lamp, but the drive over was so bright and beautiful -- the cold blue, gold and grey of winter sunrise dazzling on frosty grasses; the wisps of mist rising from the still surface of the lake; russet oak leaves gleaming; a sundog -- i didn't realize the day was going to be so dreadfully grey.

I am sick of Father Brown blaring down the hall when i'm with Mom, so i turned on the first episode in documentary series The Royal House of Windsor(2017) and followed it later in the day with Agatha and the Truth of Murder (2018). It's so hard to see Mom essentially parked in front of the TV all day. On the other hand, i have reflected that she watched so little television when i was growing up that perhaps it's more of a pleasure for her. Still, a life of TV, "going through her papers" and going to therapy.... I hope my sister can think of ways to bring more engagement for her. I fear though, that this is where she was pre-stroke, it just wasn't so evident. Still, she was such a reader, and now she seems to not be able to really engage. I suppose it's because she never had any light reading -- just massive biographies and histories. Fiction was "lies."

My brother arrives tonight, i'll visit a little with him, my sister's family, and my parents tomorrow evening. Sunday i fly to New Orleans.

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