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Fifth anniversary of Christine's mother's death, first anniversary of Mom's emergency room visit which lead to the CAA diagnosis. Mom's went back to the emergency room Saturday, as she had a strong headache (which have been recurring) and "face tingling." All's well last i heard ; as she was there they ordered a CT scan and some blood work. I did hope to hear they they were heading home. On the other hand, given the time they would get home , i suspect my father would be overwhelmed with just taking care of dinner and getting Mom to bed.

I am so glad they have such good insurance from my father's long tenure in the Navy reserve.

--== ∞ ==--

I bought a star fruit at the grocery today. Not kumquats, but something different. I think i will use one of the Meyer lemons in making sugar cookies. I wonder if just a pinch of turmeric would make a nice color for the cookies. I was initially disappointed by the store Meyers: have i bought a Meyer before? But i am enjoying one today in tea, and i'll enjoy another in cookies and the juice in tea.

I enjoyed listening to Christine guest host the Saturday Morning Music Hall today. She said it was Dec 1 a few times (apparently) before her sister texted her a correction. I only heard one break and didn't quite hear what she said about December: i thought it was the Sunday forecast. I thought she very charmingly acknowledged her error. Unfortunately, she gets spooked by mental gaffes like this -- her mother's Alzheimer's haunts her. I have been scatterbrained forever, so i ... well, i just get a little worried at how slow i seem to be. How did i do so much before? (Am i more easily distractable?)

I enjoyed wearing my souvenir poncho a mohair-acrylic blend lace knit, with bright pink flowers printed on it. It's surely factory made, but it's lacy, light, and fun -- and warm.

I was happy to gaze at my raked mossy glade. Another winter and spring during which the moss can grow in the light and get thicker before the stilt grass and other grasses compete with it. I don't know if it will ever be so thick as to smother out the grasses, but it's wonderful in the winter. There's an arc we made to delimit the glade from the east yard. I planted gladiolas which ... well, the deer eat and they don't shade out stilt grass. I need to find something else to plant to create the shift of space.

I found a few nice pieces of pottery at the closing sale at Lyn Morrow pottery. I don't know if she's going to have anything left by the end of the month. She sells other's work as well as her own. I bought a few pieces as gifts. For myself i bought a vase and a small delicate bowl. Lyn's glazes have small grey crystals in the glaze, not the large blooms. The little silvery dots in the celadon are very controlled and subtle.

--== ∞ ==--

Marlowe Kitten has now used the planter with cat grass as a litter box, following Thursday's use of the harvest basket. Well, the harvest basket wasn't anything special and the planter can go right outside. This isn't an issue we've really had to deal with so i guess we need to be trained to train her.

She's also seemed in some discomfort - she's been cranky much of Saturday with a sour smell and some mess about her mouth. She's bapped me in the face twice. I'm glad we paid to have her claws trimmed. Apparently she had significant gingivitis when she first went to the vet, but at the follow up visit (and spay) it was better. She'll have a follow up visit to the vet.

We took the onesie off, and she seems more interested in exploring than staying curled up, so maybe that was the misery.

--== ∞ ==--

Go to Meeting or stay home and try to get slides done for the week in New Orleans? Rain rain....

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