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The cone they sent us home with was far too heavy (and almost too large) for Marlowe. We have a lighter weight one that we can fiddle to make work, but ... gah, what a torture device. I went to Amazon to see what we could get quickly and saw little post surgery "suits" that a few sellers have. I've ordered one, but in looking to see if there were any we could next-day deliver, i saw a type that was, essentially, a rectangle of fabric and front-leg holes, with strips cut so you can tie the cat in, like so. So i promptly cut up a t-shirt and made her one. The first try i thought i could keep her back legs out of the design, but the surgical location really needs the back end of her body involved. Try two seems to have worked all night, although now that she's out and squirming around i don't know how long until she works her way out. With luck, it will last until the professionally made one arrives.

The mowing happened, although there are areas where the grass is flopped over and the mower didn't engage. I suppose i should give the orchard some time to recover and re-mow. I raked much of the driveway and took the gravel-free pine straw to place along the outside eastern border of the orchard. Last summer this became a dense stilt grass area. I think i mowed before it went to seed, but there are plenty of seeds in the seed bank. Thick mulch does keep the cursed stuff back. Preserving a way to walk around the outside perimeter and holding back the weeds a bit should be helpful. I think clover and other cover crop plants are coming up (along with Oriental hawksbeard, another invasive) but deer must be keeping them grazed low.

I probably scattered some of my precious native grass seed where i am putting the straw. Sigh.

Plenty more raking to do to collect pine straw and leaves and surround the fence, leaving the native grass and moss in light. Moss definitely grows over the winter. I think the native grass does, to some extent, as well. The ponysfoot (Dichondra carolinensis) also spreads in the winter. It's a native and somewhat aggressive ground cover, but once a plant can get above it i think the other plants will manage. I'm worried my cranberry has been overrun and the two compete in the same niche - so it goes.

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