E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I must needs some vitamin C

I am craving and wishing for a bunch of uncommon citrus: blood and cara cara oranges, meyer lemons, and i would like to try kumquats. I suppose i'll see if the grocery has kumquats. They had Buddha's hand citron when i was there last.

But grocery store citrus leaves me sad, as i think about roadside stands in California. When we drove through Florida last i looked for roadside stands but what i saw seemed stuck in 1970.

Christmas Red Navels from Florida 8# 30$ - maybe like cara cara? They have honeybells too, which i would like to try (again?).

Really exotic! And what a story! 12# 70$ (includes fedex shipping) Her facebook describes read meat oranges -- surely those are blood oranges? And Meyers. She has a barrier to ordering -- use text messages "The best way to order is to text me on my cell phone 504-912-2093."

Kumquats 5# 37$

Meyers 15 45.50$ (Also sugarbells and honeybells)

Other Florida orchards that look interesting


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