E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Last night i took Carrie out for a walk and then went to pick up the fresh ramen. We were early, so we walked around the old mill building where the co-op is located. Around one end was a nearly empty parking lot with a tall creosote pole topped with a powerful outside lamp that illuminated a grassy area around the back side of the building. As Carrie and i walked the parking lot a doe stepped out of the woods and saw us, and a buck stopped just at the edge of the woods. I think Carrie and i must have been hard to see with the dazzle of the artificial light pointing towards the deer from our direction. The deer were uncertain, but - well, they *are* town deer - they grazed a little and stayed visible as Carrie and i walked to the base of the light pole. Carrie was great - alert, paying attention, but no pulling and whining like she does when we pass another dog and she excitedly wants to go play.

Maybe over my vacation i'll take Carrie up to the dog park and let her run and run with other dogs. The dog park dynamics can trigger Christine, but i've high defenses for dealing with people unknown to me.

The ramen was sufficient for two and was good. I'm not sure it's worth the bother -- buying tickets to pick it up at a specific time days in advance -- but presumably it helps the co-op.

But why did humans develop an interest in eating long skinny noodles? Do other people find long skinny noodles fun? Slurp? A pleasurable challenge? As a less than coordinated person, i did wonder as i negotiated the noodles last night. I do enjoy the fun twirls and twists of various pastas, but i do avoid the long skinny noodles.

Tags: critter watch, dawg, eating notes

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