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I'm pondering a meme questionnaire that i would find really delightful. I realize part of my enjoyment of reading questionnaire memes is wanting to share in everyone's wisdom and experience. Many journalists share their thoughts about what media to consume as a matter of course, so listing a favorite book or movie rarely inspires me to go look, but there's so much more. "Do you mustard?" might be useful if i'm planning a picnic to which i am inviting you, asking what condiment or seasoning accent that is recently delighting you might both invite someone to share a bit more about their life ("After traveling to X, i now keep Y at home to put on Z") and introduce me to new flavors i might want to try. 

Other questions might be more about strategies that one finds helpful or sharing problems.

I'm starting a draft in google docs where anyone (who can access Google) can contribute -- feel free to participate in my drafting of such a meme:


If you want to participate anonymously, you can. Try using private browsing if you have an active google account you are using.

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