E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

OMG yum

Decide to make preserved lemons after reading a half dozen different instructions, with the plan to go the saltier route: just salt and lemon juice, essentially packing the lemons in salt.

The next day, pick the top cluster of leaves off a sage plant. Read about browning butter. Spoon off a tablespoon of salty lemon juice into a small measuring cup. Melt unsalted butter, watch the swirl, the foam go from white to pale gold. Add the sage, stir and keep looking for the color to change. Decide maybe it's not hot enough. Turn up the heat. Swirl. Decide to add the salty lemon juice - whatever. Swirl. Decide it's probably fine enough and turn off the pan - except really go to high. Watch the butter foam. Puzzle, look at the dial, pull it off the eye. Look at the deep chestnut color the butter has taken. Slowly pick the sage out. Nibble on the sage: it's crispy, the lemon salt is incredible.

Put all the remaining crispy sage bits on a cracker and savor.

I've tried frying sage before but i think i must have used olive oil. This was completely different. I'll add this over broccoli to roast.

Tags: cooking

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