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I am generally unfamiliar with ramen outside of cellophane packets. The local co-op is selling freshly made ramen and dumplings for $10 and $5 for take out once a month. (tickets here.)

I guess i need to spring for it to find out if it's worth it. I wish they had more photos. It might be enough for two?

Current state of the Me: I aggressively rested yesterday.

I did run some errands which included clearing out more than i brought home, which was good. The bringing home included a failed solution for dealing with the weather stripping at the base of the front door. My attempt to install the slide-on door sweep ruined the doorsweep past returnable condition, to my personal standard, so i was cranky about that.

Feeling uninterested in doing some things i need to do, i began going through email, texts, and my journal to assemble for Mom a narrative of her stroke. I think it was good to remember how hard that time was.

Marlowe had the day out and with Carrie yesterday. It's gone well, although Carrie does get a little excited. Carrie seems to know to run outside when she gets excited, so that's a lovely behavior. Marlowe is hanging out at the back door or at a window where she can look out: we certainly won't let her out until she's been spayed. I really don't want to deal with constricting her space.


My employer has become much more oriented towards surveillance. I’m sure the motives are honorable, that is, the expense is justified as protecting the organization from users clicking on websites that may deliver malware, but it leads me to be aware how little privacy i have despite working at home. A colleague has in the past determined how to keep non-work traffic from going through the work VPN, which is desirable from simply a bandwidth maximization point of view. I shall figure that out sooner or later. Nonetheless, the surveillance does motivate more separation of private life from work life. I am glad this is not the era of my horrible director during which journaling was a thin thread to hold onto sanity. Nonetheless, my current depression isn’t peaches, either. At least it’s not directly tied to a particular person.

I did not join Mom and Dad in the visit to the pulmonologist visit today, as i’ve been coughing enough to be mistaken for the patient.

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