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In curiosities, or, cartographers don't like blue space, Cape Town, South Africa is at the same latitude south as Sunset Beach, North Carolina is north.

Days are spent playing something like a shell game. Who gets compartmentalized together? Are Marlowe and i shut in the front room? Carrie shut in the bedroom and the office door - full of it's nooks and crannies and with its cat door to the back porch and the orchard - also shut? Everyone but Carrie in the bedroom, and the world shut out? Carrie is mostly calm and the training going fairly well. I am managing the shut doors pretty much in the order of the usual day. Marlowe, however, now associates an opening door with something she MUST rush through.

Last night when Carrie was in the bedroom with Edward, Marlowe raced around the house like the crazy kitten she is. She's found the cat passage through the stacks (our mini library in what had been designated the dining area). She does want to leap up, unlike the boy-os, and we will need to be very careful if she is in the kitchen while we are cooking or still have a hot stove top.

We have demonstrated to ourselves with a piece of lattice that Marlowe can get her head through the gaps, which means our carefully fenced back yard can be exited by going through the lattice under the deck and back through the lattice. I think it would be a long time yet before we'd let her in the orchard unsupervised, but she does watch Edward as he prowls and dashes around out there.

Marlowe's back legs are a little long for her body, it seems. There's a wobble to her walk, a toddle of sorts, as her back legs step longer than her front. And her mew, when not sounding like a wailing baby in the distance, sounds like a squeaking hinge.

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