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Me: Exhausted and probably sick and work is unhappy for me. And probably not just asthma flare but sick. And the depression, which might also be being sick. But is also the work. I wish i thought a few days off would do it to recover from burn out, but there's presentation in New Orleans in early December, and any minute the execs will squawk for reports on the scary project. And i am not pulling this out of the air very easily.

ENOUGH about me.

Marlowe is, by the vet's estimate, 5 months old. By the vet's measurement: 5.66 pounds, which puts her just inside the "orange" size range of the Revolution Plus flea (and tick and ear mite and various worm) meds. It's good to get her on because she apparently had ear mites. We also have drops for her ears to get rid of the mites. I'm asserting they're gone. We also got her blood work back and it's all clear, so yesterday we stopped quarantining her from the other cats. At this moment, the boy-os are in their usual spots on the bed, and Marlowe is curled up and purring at Christine's side.

Luigi still stomps around hissing periodically, like the grumpy old man he has become, but he does that for other mild provocations as well. Edward seems to be less invested in being cranky.

We bought training treats for Carrie to start working on ensuring she's calm around Marlowe. I am recalling in my last year of high school that my family had a tiny kitten and that the family dog was too rough with it. The kitten died of internal injuries. I think that experience -- swamped in all the other emotional turmoil of my teens -- is probably informing my vigilance and fear about Carrie and Marlowe. Carrie is doing very well when the treats are at hand, and i think the fact that the other cats are accepting Marlowe is helping.

Tonight and the next night look too cloudy to observe the Starlink train: https://heavens-above.com/main.aspx can help you determine if you can see the satellites. If you do what i just did and not check to see where the location is set for, you will get the prediction for zero degrees north, zero degrees west. Set to my home location, i see that i won't get a chance again until after the 20th.

This cold snap seemed really hard after two frosts not days before. I'm not sure how well various plants have coped. I am somewhat frustrated by the little greenhouse, which i expected to be more distinct from ambient temperature. Best i can tell, i can expect it to get warmer than ambient during the day, but it drops pretty quickly. I'll probably go ahead and try starting some brassicas and sprouts ... this weekend? There are so many sad trees where the leaves froze before they were ready. The fig was the most apparent, but i realize dogwoods and mulberries also have burned leaves that presumably won't turn color and fall gently now.

I took today off and recovered some. A crossword and a light hearted Mur Lafferty novel Shambling Guide to New York City. Kitten time. Reclining and not talking.

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