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The Starlink 2 satellite train as it passed overhead (the streak in the middle)

The Starlink 2 train was spectacular... and i wonder how commonplace it will be in twenty years. You might be able to see it tomorrow night or the next.

Progress made on one work thing.

This past weekend i bought much brighter LED bulbs and replaced some of the failing and dim fluorescent bulbs. Except for in the closet where the bulb had a GU24 "twist and lock base." I've ordered an adapter. Then i will be able to see in there too.

It is too dark: the lights are helping.

Fears: Carrie has now noticed the kitten and she gets so very exited. I fear Carrie's "activation" and worry she may chase even Edward, and Edward will run, and Carrie's instincts will prevail. And i can't even think about the kitten and Carrie.

Fortunately the kitten is very good about the carrier. We are putting her in the carrier so she can be close for a while in the evening and not isolated in the bathroom.

Luigi is very hissy about the kitten. However, Luigi is a grumpy old man and hisses at us, too.

Complaint: eBay's "saved search" emails no longer honor the size limit. I've bought one dress too small before i realized the messaging error. I'm going back to putting the size in the search and ignoring the filters.

I hope that the paint fumes in the room i work in will have dissipated by morning. Asthmatic couging has been triggered a couple of times today. But the mildew is covered up with a mildew-killing paint, so yay.

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