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There are some work commitments and working group (professional committee work) commitments that have me terrified. I've spent the past few days smooshing around numbers in spreadsheets. I remain mystified at how anyone really finds excel's graphs helpful. But oh, pivot tables, i love pivot tables. And i've finally visualized a quick way to calculate histogram bins using excel. I feel somewhat abashed, although i'm trying to remember what i struggled to turn into histograms in the past. Given value x, and a bin size y, the bin z = 1 + (x - mod(x,y))/y .

I don't think i could replicate the logarithmic bins of the cute little mini histograms i generated in a script this way. I'm still tickled with using the unicode graphics of little boxes to make spark-line like graphics in that script.

Yes, it's easy to loose hours while trying to see patterns in the clouds, i mean, the data. I'm not sure how much progress that is, though, compared to the deadlines and tasks ahead of me.

--== ∞ ==--

It's dark on the ends of the work day, a cold front is coming through. I'll need to pick things by headlamp tonight. The hibiscus pods i picked last weekend have some mold on them as the paper lining the basket restricted airflow. Fie. I haven't had time to see how big an issue it is. I suppose i could cut down the plants and bring them into the garage or the back deck tonight.

I forgot to have a cup of coffee between noon and 2 pm yesterday. When i stopped work, i was completely unmotivated.

--== ∞ ==--

I'm now at Mom and Dad's. Sadly the lake is choppy, so Dad can't go out on the lake this lovely morning. He is going for a ride which should relax him.

I'm not feeling ... good ... at the moment. I should probably go get an early cup of coffee.

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