E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday had some frustrations and disappointments that accumulated.

Lovely things: feather comforter on a cold night.

Driving in the dark, with the extra hour saved from the spring, up to the signal range of the low power radio station to verify it was still broad casting. Visiting the studio for the first time. Nostalgia for the radio stations from when we were in college.

Scintillating stars, bright blue day. Raking leaves and having the immediate gratification of the drive looking tidier.

Tonight we're trying the red grapes and (vegetarian) sausage sheet pan recipe from the NY Times. I need more sheet pan ideas, i think. Apples, red onion, and sweet potato sounds good. I guess we have celery: a celery potato and onion mix might be nice as well. Wait, something with green tomatoes

Ah well, off to meeting and to shake this dissatisfaction.

Christine had a rough morning that was a touch rougher than usual. We had a contractor coming: he was an hour late, and since i was managing him that sort of spun me into filling time rather than doing. He installed a dedicated circuit for the microwave and then installed a new microwave over the range. The microwave that was here when we moved in was possibly damaged from having cooking moisture enter through the holes where the door handle broke off. We've subsequently taped over the holes so the sparking would stop, but ... despite the fact it had been managing for well over a year, we went ahead and got a new one. That felt a little ... indulgent? but the smaller more compact model is a pleasant improvement. Unfortunately, it reveals unfinished wall and a stretch of wall painted an unfortunate green.

So we need to address the revealed wall, and it turns out there's a dent on the new machine. Still, the smaller size opens up the cooking space at the range, and the design is elegant. It's more stainless steel and black glass like most of the other appliances. (The dishwasher is rather old and still has a plain white panel). I found steel embossed ceiling panels that will neatly fit the space with one cut, and the tile trim that will create a finished edge. I wasn't hoping for another project, but so it goes. Frustratingly, the remainder of the panel will be one inch shy of being a good fit for replacing the white front panel on the dishwasher.

I found my attempt to start a new bread starter got moldy: since it missed the fermentation, the acid or alcohol, the mold had a chance to start. So, i'm using the very sour, old starter just to ferment the rye. I've bought yeast to see how that can affect the bread.

The frosts seem to have lacked severity. Tonight will definitely need things covered and protected. The question of "what is important to try and protect for one more week" is a little tiring.

I spent over an hour trying to fill out a form and then reporting my trials to get my camera fixed. I am somewhat cranky about that. Lenses. Sigh. New camera lenses don't fit the camera i used right up to leaving California, which began to misbehave in Death Valley. Cranky regrets.

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