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And so.

It's a glorious day outside, with bright blue skies and the Gulf coast warmth is gone. When i went out at 6 am the stars blazed brightly in the sky. Later, when i went to check the rain gauge, i spooked a whitetail deer that was on the other side of the garden plot. Leaves are falling fast now: the early dropping cherries and tulip poplars are quite thin. The redbuds and walnut visible from the kitchen are turning a bright yellow.

The grass seed i scattered before the first rain in October has sprouted. A lovely haze of new green fills the area we call the backyard -- the little area that was fenced when we moved in. The Indian strawberry has filled in since i mowed the weedy summer annual grasses. Will the creeping fescue will have a chance to establish, with the pressures of orchard grass, chickweed, bitter cress and the perennial indian strawberry?

I am delighted to see the rye sprouting in the woods where i scattered it after mowing the stilt grass. I'm sure the deer are, too: the deer i spooked this morning was probably grazing on some new green cover crop.

Looks like a freeze or frost coming next week.

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Yesterday's long meditation on a fantasy presidential candidate tells me some things: i am worried about a polarizing election and another four years of vulgarity and incompetence in the executive branch. I worry about misogyny. I read some criticism of Warren that seemed very mysogynist, although when i think of Bernie and Biden characterizations and the ageist "bumbling" frames....

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