E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

The illness (that is passing? Please!) has been weird. I have a had a cough for some weeks now, that i think of as an asthma flare. Tuesday afternoon i started feeling dreadful though, and the cough was clearly tiring. I think the cough is separate, though, and that i the fever is probably part of a bout of gastroenteritis (i don't feel nausea, but otherwise seems right).

I feel more mentally clear this morning (and so i am drinking tea with caffine), and i will try to work from bed today.

--== ∞ ==--

This morning temperatures were around 37° when i went outside around 7 am to let Edward, Luigi, and Carrie out on the Serengeti. No crickets or frogs, just the distant hum of traffic, and a few crows. I think this was the first morning i didn't hear crickets or frogs. Once upon a time i would have just said crickets, but after witnessing so many tree frogs, including the cricket frog, i suspect the lush soundscape includes the frogs, too.

Tags: health, morning watch

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