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Saturday Gardening

I came home from Mom and Dad's in the late afternoon on Friday, as they had an appointment. I sat out in the orchard working, and was able to work late. We brought out the fire pit and gave it a go. It didn't really keep me as warm as i would hope. I suspect (1) we need to start the fire earlier and (2) the sticks we have aren't really firewood. I suspect warm glowing coals need a nice log. By starting earlier more sticks might participate in making a coal bed.

I also tried to grill some veggie skewers, but -- even lifing the grate up -- it wasn't warm enough.

It was lovely and pleasant though.

I spent Saturday morning pulling vitals and lipid panels from the past ten plus years into a single view. https://chart-studio.plot.ly/create/#/ does a lovely job with time series data for free. Good enough for a quick review. Now that the data is pulled together in a straightforward representation, i think i will be able to keep up. I was delighted that Apple's numbers has a transpose function that switched rows with columns. The health center's presentation puts time as columns, which makes it hard for me to scan to see trends. Is it generally easier to scan down numbers to see a trend or is that just me?

My conclusion is that some very small changes i have made to my diet are probably sufficient changes. If anything, i think i will become a little more resistant to some processed food snacks and in particular try to figure out where trans-fats might be entering my diet.

In the blessedly temperate weather yesterday I puttered in the yard for a good while.

After a long yard work cycle i watched two films. One is Netflix's The Laundromat, a dramatic presentation of the Panama Papers. It reminds me of the film making style of The Big Short with plenty of fourth wall violations. It doesn't feel quite as sharp as The Big Short, and it has some of the digital green screen setting qualities of Netflix studio films. Entertaining and diverting, thought, and i hadn't paid close attention to Panama Paper news at the time, so the prominence at the end of the voice of the person who provided the leak was informative to me. Then i watched Jupiter Ascending. The bees were great, i loved the visual styles, and i'm an expert at ignoring plot holes. It was fun.

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