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Missing details

I had my annual medical appointment on Thursday, and i was not excited about it. I left the first appointment with this new primary care provider feeling a little perturbed, and that perturbation ossified into a dislike. As Christine points out the nurse practitioner, who handles many details, is quite nice. After the appointment, i found myself with much more positive feelings about the doctor. I think i'd just come back from Ohio and was getting a new phone on the same day as my first appointment which may have affected the perturbation. Well, i'm glad i feel more positive this time.

And because i'm not participating in the corporate wellness imposition, i didn't need a fasting test because my primary care doctor isn't worried about my triglicerides and will use a different diabetes screen (A1c). Huzzah.

Between going to Mom and Dad's and the roofers, mornings have not been as relaxed as usual for the past week. Thursday morning i slept in a little but had a morning full of meetings starting at 8 am which reduced some flexibility. It is probably good for me to get a little more disciplined about being up and at the desk promptly. And i need to think about mornings when i am going off to Mom & Dad's, like today.

Thursday morning i attended a soul-killing training session on a threat modeling tool. It would be a little better if it was more clear why i needed to attend. I could rant about training on a UI that will probably change within six months in subtle and inconsistent ways without having a clear understanding of the corporate expectations and the fundamental purpose of what we are doing. It's kind of like someone training on -- oh say facebook -- without explaining who the other "friends" are on the screen (and of course it's all made up data like "School Friend 1" and "Relative 10") and what you you would be posting or commenting and why or when you would use the interface. After writing much of the above, i researched the product and general threat modeling and got even more cranky that the product was based on a practice that the product's founders had designed, but had noted in wikipedia as if it were an independently developed practice. So i prodded both my colleague and then the presenter for best practices. We got "um, everyone does it differently" and then eventually got an offer to work through one of our own systems.

I do hope that next Tuesday's training is much more interesting.

My flu shot seemed to have dragged me down in the evening, or maybe it was just the poking and prodding of the physical, which included some of the more intrusive cancer screening prodding.

Work has been intense this week and it hasn't involved the procrastination project enough, which leaves an elephant of my own, sitting on my chest. I don't have the emotional energy to reach out to other not work, not parents, not roofer humans particularly. I am depressed, and i'm hoping that once the week of banging fades and i get used to the new seasons the depression might lift. It might be a harder fall though with the work thing hanging over me.

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