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Another early morning migraine for Christine. We hope today will be the last roofing day. Existential questioning ran through my mind and i think also through Christine's.

She's been referred to an endocrinologist and resents it, framing it as the primary care provider not wanting to deal with that part of her care. I would LOVE to see an endocrinologist and ask, Why does prednisone make me feel well and can we make me feel that way all the time? Anyhow, the whole negative frame encompasses the location of the clinic, so i told her to pay attention to the trees near the clinic. She sent a photo of a lovely oak.

- -==0p== - -

Mostly today had a thread of depression running through it. I took off work early and spent time connecting with Christine, discussing doctors and our frustrations, how hard the past year was, and dealt with the roofers. It is mostly done.

I can't quite answer the question of what I would do differently. Maybe a better lunch would have helped me feel better in the latter afternoon.

I am thankful for my colleague K T. And thankful that my dad connected me with these good roofers who have made our home safer and more secure

I am delighted with my two big yellow bell peppers. With all the volunteer tomatoes. I will figure out a good way to get some lettuces and brassicas going for the fall in the greenhouse. I was delighted by the bright blue skies midday, the moonlight before dawn, the tiny little cricket frogs.

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