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Friday at Mom and Dad's went smoothly, although we did not get mom walked. I need to be more intentional about not letting Dad put that off. I had an unscheduled meeting through lunch about a situation that kept us from walking then.

I came home via the big box hardware store where i bought a 4 ft × 8 ft sheet of insulation and three black seven gallon trash cans. It doesn't seem to have done anything but increase the humidity. I'm assuming the temperature reads cooler in the greenhouse than on the back porch when the sun isn't direct on the green house because of a calibration issue. (Could the air temperature differ a few degrees over three feet or so?)

Rain is predicted for tonight and ... Wednesday, now. The roofers had said they would work half a day, so Christine took off for the Carrboro radio station to escape. Instead they worked the whole day, so she could not get her show done and uploaded in time last night. They have been doing a mostly good but imperfect job of cleaning up. I think yesterday they were pushing with a reduced crew to prepare for the rain. But the back side of the roof has three foam cushions and some other stuff left on it - not really what should be up there during the rain. Hrmph. I tidied the orchard part of the house perimeter last night.

I spent much of the day outside. First i went and acquired more fescue and crimson clover to replace the seed i sowed around in early September. I mowed the high grass with the electric mower until its battery gave out. I also pushed the powerful string trimmer through some more patches of stilt grass. Then i sowed the fescue, clover, all the oats, and most of the rye. I don't know if the rye or oats will grow as deep in the winter woods as the stilt grass grows in the summer, but it doesn't cost that much to test. Oats and rye are 1/5th the cost of fescue.

I'm glad we will have a break from the roofers: i know that having the noise and the people around the house distresses Christine and the pets. There's only a bit more original roof on the house; the garage is the substantial amount of work left.

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