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Days 1 & 2 of roofers

So the owner/manager roofers are folks my dad met at "the little bar" just across the county line in Wake county, which has been renamed something else and has more yuppies, per my dad. He notes they are from the Lumbee tribe, which just means i give them a bit more of a pass on being good ol' boys than i would some white guys. Both Christine and i are "sweetie." To which, ... sigh. They are also twins. Anyhow, they did dad's roof and, given his background in construction, i trust his judgement.

They showed up on Tuesday with their crew and commenced to make a racket. Then Peter asked me to take a look at the roof and he explained that the roof had been adhered with an ice and water barrier and with "torch drop" both of which are unnecessary on steep roofs and also make the roof harder to remove than was estimated. The insurance agent represented that that's OK: it can be covered. Whew. It is going to take longer, however.

Peter also can see the dips in the roof that i couldn't quite make out, but with the shingles off, i could make out the issue. Apparently it has something to do with how our modular home didn't quite line up. They've built that up so it won't catch water there.

The guys cleaned up well the first evening, and it turned out they'd put on some of the new shingles as well. I am delighted at how well the desert sand color compliments our weathered cedar siding. The sound of the work has been exhausting.

Today was more of the same. Christine escaped to a movie. The guys left earlier, and i opened the windows to let the fresh air in, and opened the doors for Edward and Carrie. I got a beer and the new BioLite fire pit and sat in the yard and burned sticks enjoying the mild weather and the late afternoon light. The firepit smoked more than i expected, although it smoked less with the fan running than without. The fan keeps it burning hot, and it burned the wood pretty completely. It did burn the sticks quickly, as well, so we may actually burn through the wood pile before it rots away.

Utterly exhausted though: concentrating through the noise is draining me.

Tomorrow i am off to Mom and Dad's. Dad will be going out on his boat and then doing his grocery run.

Work has been intense, although procrastination project isn't getting 50% of my time.

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