E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Accompaniment on my work day


Rain at the far end of the ten day forecast.

The drought is depressing me.

And i don't understand greenhouses. I closed it up yesterday and overnight it was COLDER than the deck. I don't know how accurate my deck temperature location is as far as independence from house effects, but the greenhouse is right next to the house, too. Today the closed up greenhouse was 12° warmer than outside during the middle of the day (off and on -- i think it swings with the clouds and direct sun. Once the greenhouse was in the afternoon shade it rapidly approached ambient.

Roofers start tomorrow. So at least the lack of rain favors that!


Roofers think it's going to rain. It's 1:13 pm. No rain. Overcast and damp -- i could imagine a sprinkle -- but still no rain accumulation predicted until Monday.

Tags: garden, household

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