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I've tried hard to keep the focus on work the past few days. Work focus is OK although the procrastination project isn't as addressed as i would like. Wednesday was all scheduled meetings so i let my guard down.

Monday night i cut down a good many of the remaining dog fennel, eight to ten foot tall hollow stalks covered with feathery foliage and even more feathery flowers. I mainly want to prevent them from going completely to seed and to use the plants as mulch along the fence line. I've started to worry, though, that i'm letting them develop a significant root structure in the septic field.

Is Dog Fennel (Eupatorium capillifolium) safe over a septic field?

I'm trying to leave my septic field (drain field, leech field) a wildflower meadow. It's developed a couple good stands of dog fennel (Eupatorium capillifolium) which i like a a screen and -- wow -- the biomass. However, it's not valuable if it clogs the septic drains. I've come to appreciate it's a perennial and that the root crown is probably substantial to regrow each year.

My septic field is in acid red clay, a trench with gravel and perforated black plastic pipe. Previous owners let a tree of heaven get massive at the first turn and we had that removed our first year here along with clearing many other trees, shrubs and vines that got out of control. (eek!) We do put copper sulfate into the line twice a year down stream from the tank. Woods grow up to two of the field borders.

Anyone familiar with the root mass? I've seen other perennial Eupatoriums recommended, and i suppose there are similarities with the tall habit of Joe Pye weed.

Eupatorium purpureum – Joe-Pye Weed
Eupatorium hyssopifolium -- Hyssopleaf Thoroughwort

We continue with no rain. The last significant rainfall was September 6, with two days where we had a hundredth of an inch since then. The forecast shows thunderstorms in a few days, but that's an unreliable pattern (heavy in the narrow path of a storm, nothing to the sides).

Watching mom coping with her stroke early on i realized i did not have the strength to move myself about one armed and one legged. I could get stronger or lighter, and lighter seemed a little easier. I haven't done much but: have the intention, try to eat more slowly, and try to break the sweets habit. The sweets thing is hard because i need Christine to play along. In the past few months, though, we've not bought cookies or cakes, and as i get out of the habit it makes it more likely that i will be able to resist when she does buy them again. I am very slowly drifting down the scale, with readings now ten to twelve pounds lighter than at the beginning of the year. This is nothing like the CDC's "slow and steady" one to two pounds a week; on the other hand i don't really experience this as a "lifestyle change." Slope is in the correct direction. I didn't reach this weight in a short time, i don't see a need to recede from it in a short time either. We'll see how the new doctor responds.

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