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Stayed up too late Wednesday night reading a Maisie Dobbs novel. The eBook library service had released the book to me over the weekend and it's a two novel collection, so some part of my mind felt getting at least one of the novels completed was of some importance. Some sort of scarcity reaction? I'm on to the second, and again stayed up too late.

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We finished watching "Living in the Future's Past" and found it enjoyable and attractive, but.... i think of some of the messages i've seen on the local email list scoffing at climate change. This film isn't for communicating to people who don't believe there's an issue, despite the statements from a South Carolina Republican where he presents what he thinks is better ways to communicate the issue, what moved him, and that environmental messages fall flat because "that doesn't sound like our tribe."

I think the message was: We've a breadth of people recognizing the ecological damage occurring, whether climate change, plastics pollution and so on. Emergent behaviors can occur when many individuals make choices. If you make some choices that you can sustain now that you know there are ecological issues, many of us making small changes can cause a shift. But there's also a swirl around how humans are animals, animal needs and motivations, including resource displays for status/mates. (Shots of peacocks interspersed with mustang cars and platform high heels.) I think they were trying to communicate, "Hey, look, it's not evil to want to conspicuously consume, it's part of our animal nature."

I am still trying to figure out if it was an artful and subtle collage of interviews and images or if it was Dude-i-katsi with Jeff Bridges just doing his passionate thing for the environment.

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