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I appreciate that the medical chart software exports ics files (a standard calendar format). While one at a time is fine for an annual appointment, it took me an hour to get up to date on my mother's appointments. Also, Dear Firefox, when you ask "Do this automatically with files like this from now on" and i check the box, i am sad to see the popup every time thereafter.

I've done my metrics for the first time in a blue moon. It's possible getting back to some of the rituals will help me.

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I am procrastinating badly.

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In evening frustrations, Christine's very expensive ukulele was shipped to the manufacturer for a repair, UPS says it's delivered, the manufacturer says it hasn't. It's insured, but does UPS accept responsibility of they have a signed delivery?

There were also some elephants intersecting with grocery shopping leading to some reevaluation of process: in the end, our current optimizations for efficiency are just fine. I do feel ... a certain sort of ennui regarding our meals. Same ol, same ol... yet not really wanting anything else.

Then, to distract ourselves, we went about with switching our internet from the DSL to a cable provider, with the expectation of 5x improvement up and down. Earlier in the week our address was accepted. I could go through all the ordering -- including all the research to determine real rates and poking down various ratholes as to whether we would consider their phone or cable offer in a bundle (which meant finding the phone rate from the phone company to compare and so on and so on).

So i went through the WHOLE ORDERING PROCESS including reading the T&C ("Oh look, i'm agreeing on behalf of ... anyone who wonders into our home... Oh look they can begin billing 8 days after ordering no matter whether services are hooked up or not... oh look, they might not deliver services and so it goes....), clicked order, and then ... then ... then i was given a number ot call and a reference number.

Turns out, no service at my address, but they provide service in our zip code, "and it's just a matter of time."

Oh if i could get 30 to 50 signatures from people in my area that might speed things along.

I suppose they might be bale to deliver cable TV to the address, just now internet? And that's why i didn't get steered away earlier.

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Lovely sighting of a firefly as the first star came out this evening.

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