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What is it i am checking this tube outside for? Empty, empty, empty. (As CoCoRaHs says, "Be a hero, report your zero.) -OR- no rain here.

It seems churlish to complain of that with Hurricane Humberto out at sea, pulling dry, arctic air down. Glorious autumn weather! Windows open, fresh air with birdsong (and commuter sound from the road).

--== ∞ ==--

In flag news, it's now being discussed on the wider NextDoor network of neighborhoods. Currently "it's private property" and "its [sic] their right" are about as defensive as it gets, with "I’m so sorry to hear this," "my teenagers asked 'why did we move to this godforsaken place?' when they saw it. It made me so sad," and " "very disappointing" as the general sentiment. The latest comment is inflammatory, "If it gets taken down and burned?" so likely this thread is going to get out of hand.

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Yesterday i watched the bird bath a little and saw a tufted titmouse splashing madly away. There were also two birds with bright yellow colors. One was probably a female American Redstart but the other is harder for me to describe. It had similar yellow "flashing" in the tail, a yellow breast with darker flecks, and no bars on the wing like the redstart. The other color -- blue grey, if i recall correctly.

I need to make sure i am filling that bath regularly during this dry stretch.

--== ∞ ==--

The foresters came by and said that the pines are "over mature," we have the "large IPS" beetle, and the beetle is unlikely to cause any widespread damage (particularly this time of year). A relief. I do wonder whether thinning the pines near the power line would offer any "income" that would balance the cost of having the tree(s) removed.

I picked one of the passionflower fruit: too early. Only small white seeds, the sweet arils as yet unformed.

--== ∞ ==--

I think i'm only going to take a few hours off on Friday. The more i think about it, the more it seems like taking a break is more procrastination. I'm depressed about work and my designs, but a vacation isn't going to help. Digging in will help.

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