E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

In good news, the protests in Pittsboro did not escalate on Saturday.

https://www.wral.com/protesters-argue-whether-pittsboro-confederate-monument-should-come-down/18635629/ & https://abc11.com/supporters-opponents-of-confederate-monuments-rally-in-pittsboro/5539771/ are local articles, with the first being more complete. I think the AP excerpted from the first to write the AP stories run at SFGate and the NYTimes among other outlets.

I managed to use the powerful string trimmer (Mary Jane) to make significant mowings of the stilt grass on Saturday. Not as much as i had hoped, but maybe more than i expected. It was overcast, and temperatures in the low 80s, upper 80s "heat index," so while i was hot it was quite manageable. The goosegrass (and crabgrass? there are a number of weedy grasses) has sent out seed heads again -- it doesn't stop.

Sunday was meeting for business, and then i skipped meeting. Social engagement midafternoon went well, i think, with all our introvert questioning if we did it right afterwards. Christine had to go up to Carrboro for her radio show. She wishes she could see her listeners grow, and she's mulling around how she could allow people to time shift her show. The problem is ASCAP and copyright and that she can play the music as part of the radio show, she can't allow folks to listen to the show on demand. She does what she can with a spotify playlist on her site, https://thebuzz.show/. Less happening is folks following from the show to her sponsor (her web development). My wish is that she could find people impressed with the show and find music and sound clients ....

Today was a slow start, still slow start. At my folks for the morning. I see my mother wasn't the only family member whose aspiration for work in a time block far out-sized the capacity: his list of things to do this morning far outstrip what he will get done. And at this point, i wonder if he can make the run to the grocery and get mom's exercises done. Poor Pa. He's grown a great appreciation for "women's work" that is never done.

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